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What is the Wnesports Platform?

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Wnesports is a leading mobile gambling and sportsbook based in Hong Kong. With over 40 years experience and a strong reputation in the gambling industry, Wnesports has become a major player in the mobile gambling industry. The company was established by two experienced men; Bill Wong and John Morrison. They are responsible for the management and growth of the Company. Bill and John started their business in the late seventies with little capital and a small staff.

In November last, they launched their first website and have received overwhelming positive response from their members and clients. Bill and John have taken great care to create an attractive and user friendly site to ensure that the site offers a unique experience for its members. It is very easy to access the Wnesports online casino; all you have to do is to register and login. You will receive an email with all the latest news and information regarding the football betting world. The site also offers a live dealer casino; this allows players to log in anytime and check out their results.

Another important feature of the Wnesports site is the football picker, which allows its users to customize their own betting system based on the odds provided by the system. Another feature of the website is the live tournament which allows its members to place a bid and participate in the Wnesports tournament. The Asian football betting platform has attracted thousands of players betting across the world; its future growth is quite bright.